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The Perfect Guest Entertainment

Guests have a blast choosing song cards from the guitar case and placing them on the on-stage playlist board, where they’re performed live. Jukebox Guitar is turn-key fun for organizers and guests alike.

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Pick a Song

Guests choose from over 120 songs in the guitar case

Add to Playlist

They walk on stage to add it to the playlist board

Songs Played Live

Guests’ songs on the playlist are performed live

Two simple options


As an add-on with a package at Bristol Wedding Singer

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As a stand-alone part of your corporate event or other special occasion

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The Happy Details


Up to 4 Hours

Jukebox Guitar can entertain guests for up to 4 hours per session.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar sets the right tone for either foreground or background entertainment.

Equipment Supplied

Professional equipment is included for the perfect sound quality.

Travel Included

Travel is included up to 25 miles from Bristol. (60p/mi after).

Professional Service

Dressing up or down to suit your occasion is part of the fun.



Have an unusual request? No worries – just get in touch and we’ll work with your unique requirements.


Guaranteed to be punctual—I’ll arrive 1-2 hours before your event starts.

A Simple Solution

Everyone loves music, and guests love a reason to mill about. Simple table cards tell guests how to get involved and have fun.

Part of Your Event

The stage setup and materials blend into any atmosphere to bring fun and engagement to your unique event.

Self Insured

Public liability insurance held at no extra charge.

Secured Date

Get in touch wth your details and a clear contract will come to you. Once the £100 non-refundable deposit is paid, your date is secured.


Your Song Choice

Use our entire song list, or limit to specific available songs for your guests.

Who is Jukebox Guitar?

Hi, I’m Matt Bee—a resident and musician in Bristol, UK. I’ve been playing weddings, corporate events and special occasions professionally since 2010. I also teach kids how to play guitar, write music and sing. Email me

Support & FAQ

How long does it last?

Most events use Jukebox Guitar for 1-3 hours, but if you need more time, get in touch and we’ll work with your needs.

I'm far. Will you drive?

From Bristol, UK, I’ll travel up to 50 miles for no additional charge. I’m happy to travel further, so get in touch and let’s chat.

Are you available on my date?

You can email me to check availability of your desired date. Please check directly before booking to ensure your spot.

Which songs?

Glad you asked! You can see the entire list here.

Get in touch

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